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Sex Therapy

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Sex therapy is a unique and specialized type of professional counseling which focuses on helping people addresses their concerns about sex.

Sex Therapy includes issues such as:

  • Low Desire or Desire Discrepancies.
  • Difficulty with getting aroused.
  • Inability to reach orgasm.
  • Pain with intercourse.
  • Vaginismus (vaginal spasms which make intercourse impossible).
  • Erection difficulties.
  • Early or Delayed Ejaculation.
  • Unusual sexual desires or behaviors.
  • Sexually compulsive behavior.
  • Feelings of inhibition, or even aversion to sex.
  • Sexual identity or orientation issues

In Sex Therapy, we talk about your concerns. Sexual activity is NEVER a part of your actual therapy session. I will give you and your spouse exercises to do at home, which we will talk about in your sessions. Any therapist who engages in any form of sexual activity in session (or with clients at any time) is breaking a fundamental ethical rule. I will help you understand more about your sexual functioning and feelings, and help move you to a better relationship with sex and your sexuality. I may also provide information about anatomy, sexual response, and healthy sexual functioning.

What does Sex Therapy involve?

In these sessions, we will be focusing on certain areas:

  • What are the core issues? Are they physical or psychological?
  • For how long have these issues been persisting?
  • What are the possible direct or indirect reasons for these issues?
  • Is it an individual concern or do both the partners feel that there is something sexual lacking in the partnership?
  • Gaining insight into your own and your partner’s differences, needs and expectations.
  • Learning the art of talking about sex with each other.
  • Talking about openness to new experiences.
  • Working with certain unhealthy beliefs and attitudes towards sex.
  • To understand the joys of sex and to give it some priority in your relationship.
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